Forth Seabird Group - Our Islands - Craigleith

Most people who have seen Craigleith will recognise it as the island which can be found offshore from North Berwick. Most of our seabird species breed here. Cormorants usually nest on the higher slopes above the east cliffs. Kittiwakes, guillemots and razorbills can be found on the cliffs all round the island. Shags nest mainly on the west and south-east, and puffins burrow into the shallow soils where they can. Fulmars and eiders find nest sites mainly round the edges while gulls tend to occupy the more open areas towards the centre of the island.

Over the years puffin numbers were declining on Craigleith and Fidra because of the spread of tree mallow (lavatera arborea). In 2006 the Scottish Seabird Centre began the SOS Puffin project to try and control this invasive species. Now that puffins have easier access to the island their breeding numbers would seem to be increasing. Follow the links on the Links page for more information on tree mallow.

Craigleith from the south

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