Summary of Seabird Counts on the Islands in the Firth of Forth
1960 Bass Rock Craigleith Lamb Fidra Eyebr-oughty Inchkeith Carr Craig Inchcolm Haystack Inch-mickery + Cow & Calves Inch Garvie / Forth Bridge Long Craig May Isle Total
Fulmar (AOS)   x       145   2            
Cormorant (nests)     65                      
Shag (nests)   x 53                      
Gannet (nests)                            
Eider (nests)   x x     18   x   x        
Great B-b Gull (nests)                            
Lesser B-b Gull (nests)     10+     18                
Herring Gull (nests)     x     x       3        
Kittiwake (nests)   405 38     1                
Common Tern (nests)                   x        
Arctic Tern (nests)                            
Roseate Tern (nests)                   x        
Sandwich Tern (nests)       x           298        
Razorbill (pairs/sites)   c20 b                        
Guillemot (birds on cliffs)   c240                        
Puffin (birds unless otherwise stated)   x                        
AOB/AOS/AOT=Apparently occupied burrows/sites/territories; x=breeding; 0=none breeding;  c=circa; mixed=two species (eg Herring and LBB Gulls) counted together; b=birds; s=sites
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