Summary of Seabird Counts on the Islands in the Firth of Forth
2016 Bass Rock Craigleith Lamb Fidra Eyebr-oughty Inchkeith Carr Craig Inchcolm Haystack Inch-mickery + Cow & Calves Inch Garvie / Forth Bridge Long Craig May Isle Total
Fulmar (AOS)                           -4%,
Cormorant (nests)                           +1%
Shag (nests)   The counts for this year were carried out as normal. The full detais are initially being withheld and will be published here in due course. In the meantime, where similar counts were carried out this year and last year, the percentage changes are noted.   -6%,
Gannet (nests)     x
Eider (nests)     x
Great B-b Gull (nests)     +40%
Lesser B-b Gull (nests)     x
Herring Gull (nests)     x
Kittiwake (nests)     -13%,
Common Tern (nests)     +29%
Arctic Tern (nests)                           +9%
Roseate Tern (nests)                            
Sandwich Tern (nests)                           x
Razorbill (pairs/sites)                           +8%
Guillemot (birds on cliffs)                           -1%,
Puffin (birds unless otherwise stated)                           x
AOB/AOS/AOT=Apparently occupied burrows/sites/territories; x=birds present but not counted; 0=none breeding;  c=circa; mixed=two species (eg Herring and LBB Gulls) counted together; b=birds; s=sites
SSC=Includes nests not seen from the boat, only seen after landing
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